Breakfast at Costa Real

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Peter and I were enjoying a late breakfast yesterday. Yes, thanks to the Chilean Government changing the Daylight Savings rules at the last minute, and network time services not being accurate, we got an unintended extra hour of sleep.

As we sat enjoying breakfast, I noticed the subtle background music. I couldn’t identify the song at first but became annoyingly intrigued when I figured out it was soft trumpet rendition of “Lady” by Kenny Rogers. Out loud, I imagined how someone would think, “I’ve got a huge idea here” and post Wanted ads on telephone poles around the city for trumpeters, pianists and drummers. “We are going to recreate Lady, and here’s the pièce de résistance, we’ll substitute his vocals for this here trumpet!”. A Sting song came on next. This ragamufin garage band decided that Sting would be best substituted by an alto saxophone. I then imagined this garage band practicing Fields of Gold to painful perfection, as the neighbors yelled at them begging to stop! “Gents, pay no attention, I’ve got a dream and it will be huge. People will love this”. A Roxette song came on next and the vocals were substituted for tenor trombone. Our garage band, now very diversified, included a soft choir in the background to further mangle Fading Like a Flower. The neighbors, pissed off beyond belief, have resorted to throwing tomatoes and eggs screaming at them to shut the hell up! I imagined the trombone player turning down a gig with the VSO to be part of this soft rock devocalizing phenomena, taken in by the passion of the original dream, and massively pleased with his performance. He comes home to his wife and kid. “I totally nailed it; sounded just like Marie Fredriksson. The plunger brought it all together”. He wipes the egg from his cheek and places his trombone case proudly in the corner by his poster of Christian Lindberg.

Oh crap! I just realized my iPad is out by 1 hour…it’s time for work! Blast you daylight savings!

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