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Peter and I had a successful GSD weekend (“Get Sh-t Done”). Work creativity was at an all-time high, but when it came to dinner, a definite pattern emerged for me: Tiramisu for empanadas, Pisco sours and a Misto calzone – 3 glorious evenings in a row. Tiramisu was quiet at 7:00 PM when we arrived, but by the time 9:00 PM hit, the place was jammed. Actually, all meals in Chile seem offset by 2-hrs. Lunch, typically 10-min distraction for me, is a blatant 1.5 hr out-of-office experience. The walk back from lunch is then a painfully passive meander; I found myself tailgating other pedestrians and hurriedly passing as gaps presented themselves in the swarm. Now this is entirely different from driving which is akin to a terrifying and incomprehensible high-speed pursuit down some pretty confusing roads.

My spontaneous Spanish sucks…it’s more like Spench or Franish. Merci, señor. Yo soy Dave, comment t’appel tu? Argh. My intellectual Spanish is better, but the opportunity to use thoughtful statements like “I see 3 small green balls” or “the horse is close to the bridge”…limited.

I’m now sitting on LAN airlines listening to Austra, picking at the recently deforested region between my eyebrows, and enjoying a smooth 2-hr flight to Iquique. For whatever reason, a 6:20 AM departure made complete sense when we planned this trip, but after waking up at 3:50 AM to make the flight, I’m feeling regrets (yawn!). Nothing café negra can’t fix. Acute turbulence with hot coffee…giddy-up!

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  • Hey Dave,
    I finally got the drapes for the dining room, they look great! Dad’s feeling a bit under the weather, aches all over. Hopefully it doesn’t develop into anything worse, I, on the other hand feel OK. We’ve been busy getting the EuroVan ready, had the oil changed, belts tighten general safety check. I’ve washed the curtains now the trick is to put them back from whence they came. It going to be interesting to get it packed up, I’ve invested in a few items from the Sally Ann, not bad either. We arrive in Vancouver Tuesday and will be leaving Wednesday for the great USA. Hopefully we’ll be able to see you before we leave. Keep safe, we love you. Mom and Dad