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Buenos días!

I just woke up from the greatest sleep; I closed my eyes at 11 and opened them again at 5:30 AM this morning – time did not exist, I feel rested, the 5 hours I lost between time zones is now forgotten. It will be a good day today.

Peter (my travel buddy) and I were greeted with wild applause and screams from a large mob of pretty young women as we arrived at our hotel. Not entirely understanding this startling and unexpected event, we snickered it off and got our respective rooms sorted. Needing cash went left the hotel only to find it completely surrounded by a mob of pretty young women. I put on my new sunglasses (really bright out) and caused a minor eruption of screams and cheers as I shyly snuck past the policeman holding back the crowd and safely escaped to the street. Turns out the Jonas Brothers are staying in our hotel; the crowd of girls, not really sure what the band members looked like, screamed at every young white guy that left the hotel…just incase. Embarrassed, we felt mildly apprehensive of returning to our hotel. I guess there are worse things that being cheered by pretty young women, but awkward to deal with when it’s not yours to accept.

Ah well. Off to work. I hope the Jonas Brothers have left Santiago.

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  • Finally I got in!!! I tried capital L and voila. We got a real chuckle over your experience with the girls. Did you shave your beard before you left? Rena, Zach and the girls are here and Dad’s just about to make some margarita’s, yum. We’ve just about got the van ready to go, Dad’s having a ball tinkering with storage, he’s created some clever solutions. Lovely sunshine today although colder. Tomorrow promises to be sunny as well. Hope all is going well with you and work.

    Love you!

    Mom and Dad