Push to the Summit

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Rhys conquers Keats

After a good sob in the last discussion of the night, we sat up drinking a small bladder of red wine last night with Durwin, Angel, the Grizz ‘n Dog while being stocked by a nervous male swallow protecting his family’s homestead. Zach took a bomb to the hind leg and scratched at it before he realized what it was. He whined and flaccidly wiped his sullied paw on the rock next to him.

I awoke to complete silence after an interesting dream that the holiday was already finished. After coming to my senses, I snuggled next to Melissa, watched the sunrise through the curtains, listened to the chirping birds over the kids’ rhythmic snores, and felt nicely relaxed.

Rhys conquers Keats We played a series of family games…the kids loved them: ball tossing, dress the rock star, invent a team cheer. It’s tough to break out of the shell, but we kicked serious backside at “name that song”. Now bored, I tried to convince everyone (anyone) to go for a hike…no takers, so I volunteered Rhys who was playing happily on the swings with his friends. At first he was a little apprehensive, but by focusing on putting one foot in front of the other, he eventually crested the highest point in the island and excitedly went exploring. We then agreed to go swimming in the ocean and found ourselves racing down the path to the dock and jumping in. Rhys then went fishing while I went on the waterside, kayak, paddle board and attempted to go tubing with the Rena but a mechanical failure robbed us of the final dream. On the way back to the cabin, I misjudged the time and robbed Rhys of his highly anticipated raspberry ice cream cone. Melissa, Madison and Ash got a manicure at a spa and spoiled themselves to gummy worms, which Ash proudly finished off and is now vibrating from the sugar high. I’m now sitting outside tending the burnt skin on my neck, listening to the muffled sound of Madison signing, the odd eruption of laughter in the distance, and the sound of a crow’s wings beating as he flies overhead – I’ve seriously never heard that before.

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