Oceanic Monday

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Taking in the view

It’s 12:07 AM. Melissa and I just returned inside after wrapping up an evening of conversation with the Prairie Dog and Grizzly Bear about the absurdity of life. As we hypothesized, the dark silhouette of a fawn quietly snuck past the garden and bats fluttered randomly about; their webbed outline illuminated by the light in the starry night sky… How strangely appropriate the topic of the camp is letting go and being free. Free as a bat. Sure hope I learn something.

Taking in the view It’s now 7:30. I successfully woke the family, cut my fingernails and went for a brief morning stroll in the dewy grass over to see the Grizzly Bear and his grumpy cub playing in the park. Rhys and his little buddy, Nolan, meandered off to pester the piggies while Smokin’ Ashes dumped sand all over herself in the play area. Apparently we get to swim in the ocean today…something I used to love as a lad but have since grown out of: the salty water clinging to my skin like grease.

Ash convinced me to dive in to receive her at the other end of the side…moments before chickening out…4 times in a row! Alas, the ocean was surprisingly refreshing and I don’t stink of seawater. Madison and I went spotting in a motor boat while Rhys went kayaking with Caleb. All was well until an inevitable meltdown involving a dehydrated four year old and an under slept mother – I bolted to the rescue sporting my Superman tee shirt. As I type this, Ash and Melissa are fast asleep in the room, Madison is finishing a bag of Zesty Mordant and Rhys has tootled off to play with Nolan. It’s very hot right now. I might actually get used to this…apart from the campfire singing.

I fell asleep outside. In my stupor, I could tell my mouth was hanging wide open making the most unflattering noise, but I was too tired to stop. Ah yes, feeling refreshed now and it’s nearly time for dinner. Goal tomorrow: hike to the peak. Oh look, a birds nest. Where the heck did Rhys get too..?

Chicken! Another good dinner. The lack of 3G hasn’t kicked in yet, but if I do hike the peak tomorrow, I’ll achieve my goal and get a signal…2 birds stoned at once. Bathroom break then off to the hall for another discussion. I seriously need to eat more bran…

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