Family Camp on Keats

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Our cabin for the week

We just got to the island…first observation: very warm out. The sky is this strange shade of blue that we’re not accustomed to seeing in Vancouver. I can see the mountains…actually, I can’t stop looking at them. Still snow capped, their peaks reach far into the sky, range stretch as far as the eye can see, and bases drop deeply into the ocean yielding dramatic cliff faces – 180 degree view of sheer awesomeness. Bizarre I live in this province and still become awestruck by it’s vastness. I don’t hear any trains, traffic, sirens, etc…just this weird chirping noise; likely some form of non-lethal winged creature. The last time I uttered the “V” word was on Pender eleven very stressful months ago, and I’ve only got one week to detox and relax. Relax…the only item on my to-do list this week. Sweet cake.

Our cabin for the week Rena and Zach are camping close by with their two little ones: Bashful and Grumpy. I’ve got a strong urge to punch Zach in the arm…no reason, just because he emits a whiny rejection when I threaten to. As I sit here watching him carry Isla to the tent, my mind is picturing a grizzly bear and his cub. Zach rears up on mighty his hind legs, deeply sniffs the air and lets out a massive roar to ward off intruders. Then he slowly returns to all fours and lumbers back to his cave. Rena, head poking out of the tent like a Prairie Dog, appears to be changing Juniper…yep, pooey diapers. Glad we’re past that phase. I killed a strange looking bug with my elbow just as Madison arrived to tell me that dinner will be ready in 2 mins… I might take some time this week to show her how to program. I wonder what we’ll make?

Dinner bell just rang – peace out!

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