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…hand side of the road, driving like a maniac to keep the tailgaters off my arse. Despite this and the extra energy to herd our rats (ahem, kids) we are having a great time here in the UK! Couple castles, couple cities, couple BBQ’s, one hiking trail, many pubs, and we’re not even quarter of the way into our holiday…and yes, it does feel like a holiday. We’ve been traveling with Jenny, Steve and their boys so it’s been lots of fun. 5 rats in total – sheesh.


The farm we’re staying was quite the find: very spacious, quiet, on a huge property in “butt f*ck nowhere” (quoting Cyber Rob) with a games room, playground, etc. nice and central to all the things we wanted to do. We scored big time. Hoping our place in Northumberland meets this bar.

Relying on Google Maps, we have been less dangerous on the roads here than in previous years…one might think I’m a local despite accidentally running the stupid red lights in the roundabouts. 3G sucks the big one, but we’re still very thankful for it when we do get it. Example: Hood and Whiffin clans driving in the separate cars and Jen texted me that Quentin (my nephew) was feeling very sick and wanted us to pull over as soon as possible…but we received the text 30 mins after she sent it. I pulled over immediately relieved their Audi was vomit-free. Melissa and I are never that lucky.

I could say more, but our pictures do a better job. Check ’em out. Tomorrow, back to Stone from whence we lived. Can’t wait – really miss that place.

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