Dias Años

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At 8:30 AM this morning, the birthday girl and I set off for Hague Lake in Opa’s canoe to catch us some trout for lunch. Woefully unsuccessful, we instead just enjoyed each other’s company as we paddled around the waters of Hague and Gunflint, casting here and there not expecting any Thursday suckers. Stomachs still full from Melissa’s fantastic bacon and egg breakfast hours earlier, it was a nice way spend the morning. Arriving back at the cottage, Ashlyn and Rhys were out exploring the property next door with Melissa. When the three kids got together again, the racket became too loud, so Lissa and I banished them from the house and forced them to play football outside with each other. Man, tough life.

We just got back to the cottage after hiking around the lake with a couple of the locals and their kids who showed us another entrance to the trailhead. Ashlyn, aware that she would eventually have to cross Troll Bridge (an arched wooden footbridge built over the tiny channel between Gunflint and Hague Lakes) collected 4 pinecones to appease the grumpy old troll…who prefers gifts in even numbers that are perfect squares, powers of two and, by extension, only have a single prime factor. Her hands much too small to carry 16 pinecones had to settle for less else the grump old troll would have done his happy dance! Too much Dora? All 3 kids completed the 2.5 hr hike and ne’er a complaint was made.

Tomorrow marks our last full day away. I’m actually not sad. As far as holidays go, this one was tops: no regrets, we did everything we set out to, and we did it without TV. Best of all, we still have all day tomorrow to enjoy ourselves! Yeah, we’ll do this again.

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