Slug Attack!

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So we learned that Ashlyn has an aversion to banana slugs today. While out hiking the Kw’as Park, we found some massive specimens and Ash completely lost it, thus committing me to eventually carrying her out on my shoulders. The knowledge that licking them will make your tongue go numb (thanks to Encyclopedia Madison) did not help. Ash raged in shrilling screams at the next banana slug that crossed our path – she stomped at the ground and I needed to rescue the poor little distraught monkey, who complained that her mouth was starting to hurt. Though not pleasant at the time, it struck me dead funny afterwards. My mind drifted to lunging Tarantula banana slugs…be careful not to stare at them…and for goodness sake, don’t look behind you because they feed on fear and will follow you! An hour later, with very sore shoulders, I safely fed Ashlyn to the hungry minivan and the army of fear mongering slugs immediately dispersed. Everyone was safe.

Today is gorgeous! Actually, each day has been fantastic in it’s own right…and we’re only halfway through. I’ve had nightmares about work each night, but have successfully resisted the urge to check e-mail. Melissa is trying desperately to get me to watch videos tonight despite our no media pact. She’s sitting across the table from me right now knitting a kerchief, a ginormous frilly triangle that you wrap around your neck, in the sunshine and looking quite ravishing. The kids met our host family yesterday, the neighbour’s daughter, her 2 dads, and their farm of sheep and chickens. Tonight I promised Madison we’d go fishing together, so I readied my and Madison’s fishing rod for the evening expedition on the lake. Tomorrow she turns 10…she has reminded us of this amazing occasion each night since our arrival.

It’s safe to say that Melissa and I really like Cortes – one of our favourite island destinations yet (sorry Denman, Hornby, Bowen, Keats, Pender and Quadra).

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