Cortes Ho!

  • Posted by: David

We’re officially on holiday. The van was surprisingly easy to pack, we got out the door on time, the kids behaved themselves, we caught the ferry without reserving, nothing appears to have been forgotten…eerily good start. I’m suspiciously pleased. Rhysie and I are fighting off colds. The poor little dude is bundled up under a pile of coats trying to sleep right now. Madison is sitting beside me playing on the iPhone, and Melissa just took our bold little crusader, Ash, to the play area.

This week I unknowingly spread my excellent germs around the office. Yesterday I had a quick meeting with my boss (who was speaking 2 octaves lower and sporting a bright red nose) and learned how much he appreciated my “prethenth in the offith” as he discarded his 5th Kleenex in the recycle bin beneath his new desk. Whoops.

Next stop: Nanaimo, pizza lunch with Oma and Opa, then on to Campbell River, Quadra, and eventually arriving at Cortes – our final destination. Goal: banjo, no Deliverance.

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