Mi País

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Great country and all but get me the hell home! 18 hours to Vancouver and counting.

I’m sitting at Santiago Aeropuerto on my plane waiting to take off. Now I’m 2 hours from Toronto; I tried sleeping for the last 8 hours and managed to convince myself I was really asleep for probably 30 minutes. I feel terrific. I’ve been drinking water constantly, we’ve just hit turbulence, we’ve been told to stay in our seats, and the facilities would be helpful right now. Breakfast was reheated omelet; it resembled a gray, overcooked chicken breast, and tasted modestly ish.

I listened to music all night. Hey Marseilles is playing right now, Calabasas, super song: “Radio and highway lines are all I have to keep the pace.” – totally reminds me of the road trips my family used to take from Smithers to Vancouver Island. In 1 more week, Melissa and I will be taking the kids to Cortes Island for 1 glorious week away from it all. It seemed so far away before because of this 3-week business trip, but now that it’s over and I’m a mere 8 hours to Vancouver, it’s almost time to get excited. Aw heck, I’m already excited. They’d just better let me back into the country.

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